SymStart 1.51

Utility for managing your phone's startup programs

This program is convenient and reliable manager of autoexecutable software which allows you to install the set of programs used frequently to start when restarting or rebooting your smartphone. Also such programs can be installed on different flash cards and you can have various set of startup programs by simple change of cards.

Key features include:

  • Supports S60 smartphones
  • Standard & simple S60 user interface
  • Running .exe and .app applications when turning on or rebooting your phone
  • Two level protection from "bugged" software included in StartUp:

  • on amounts of failed startups

  • by using of shortcut keys

  • Easy and convenient management of startup software
  • Installation in phone memory or on flash card
  • Startup file (.ini) easy edited manually

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SymStart 1.51